3 Questions with novelist S.D. Grimm

Sarah GrimmS. D. GRIMM’S first love in writing is young adult speculative fiction. She is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency and her debut novel, Scarlet Moon, is slated to be published in October 2016. (Pre-order a copy here!) When she’s not writing or editing, Sarah enjoys reading (of course!), making clay dragons for her Grimmlies store on Etsy, practicing kickboxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu, training dogs, and doing anything outdoorsy with the family. Her office is anywhere she can curl up with her laptop and at least one large-sized dog.

Sarah is a flash fiction editor for Splickety Magazine. She’ll be speaking on Flash Fiction writing at the upcoming Jot Writers’ Conference (9.9.16).

What is Flash Fiction? Give us a working definition that most people more or less agree on.

Flash fiction is, in its simplest form, a whole story in 1,000 words or less.

Who are your favorite flash writers and why? Who should we be reading?

Okay, this is really hard, and I’m going to be very biased because I work for Splickety Publishing Group and love all three of our magazines. We have had some really talented flash fiction writers as well as some talented featured authors who have tried their hand at writing flash fiction. It’s not as easy as it sounds. But if you’re interested in flash fiction, I highly recommend checking out Splickety Magazine, Splickety Love, or Havok. (if you want to include our website, feel free www.splickety.com)

Give us a teaser of your Jot Conference talk. What can attendees expect?

Dabbling in flash fiction has a lot of hidden benefits for writers. I’ll be discussing how to write flash fiction that sells as well as how writing flash fiction is just plain good for your writing career.

What to Expect from Jot

Jot is a new type of writers conference. For one thing, it’s cheaper (free). For another, it’s shorter (one night, four hours). And last, you actually get time to write (yes, write).

When we started throwing around the idea of creating our own writers conference, we knew that in order to be successful, it would have to fill some unmet needs. West Michigan is already home to Breathe, Maranatha, and bi-annually, Calvin College’s Festival of Faith and Writing.

So what were the needs that we saw going unfilled? While the writers conferences mentioned above are all wonderful conferences in their own right, they all require significant investments in both time and finances. What if we made a conference for writers like us, strapped for cash and too busy to write when we want to?

Thus was Jot created. We’ve done five of them now. #6 will be held September 12, 2015 at Lowry’s Books and More in Three Rivers, Michigan. The world will never be the same.

So if you come, what can you expect?

  • Short presentations on the writing life, on the publishing process, and writing tips for flash fiction.
  • Enough time between presentations to actually write.
  • Access to the presenters to ask 1-on-1 questions.
  • No admission cost.
  • No running across campus to walk in five minutes late to a presentation that you really wanted to see because the previous presentation ran long.
  • A beautiful setting with a snacks and drinks available for purchase.

Are you looking forward to a west Michigan’s only free mini-conference as much as we are?