3 Questions with novelist Aric Davis

Aric DavisARIC DAVIS is the author of seven books: From Ashes Rise: A Novel of Michigan, Nickel Plated, A Good and Useful Hurt, The Black Death: A Dead Man Novella, Rough Men, Breaking Point, The Fort and Tunnel Vision. He is married with one daughter and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he worked for sixteen years as a body piercer; he now writes full time. A punk rock aficionado, Davis does anything he can to increase awareness of a good band. He likes weather cold enough to need a sweatshirt but not a coat, and friends who wear their hearts on their sleeves. In addition to reading and writing, he also enjoys roller coasters, hockey, and a good cigar. All of Aric’s books are available on Amazon.com.

Aric will be interviewed as part of the next Jot Writers’ Conference (9.9.16). I (Andy) asked him a couple of questions recently about writing fiction and alternative publishing options. Take a look.

What are two important skills every fiction writer must possess? What are the things that seem universal among great fiction writers?

The first skill that I believe every writer should possess is the ability to take a beating. When I was trying to get published I wrote six manuscripts and suffered over 400 rejections, but if I would have stopped I’d have never seen my work in print.

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Worldbuilding: A Workshop for Fiction Writers with Bob Evenhouse

Creating a believable world, or “dream,” as the late novelist and professor John Gardner put it, is the complex task of the fiction novelist. If the reader questions the authenticity of a story, they may remember they are reading a book and step out of the dream. This is the job of the fiction novelist: to be an effective worldbuilder. Not only is this true for fantasy literature with its rich worlds, diverse cultures, and intricate maps, but for all forms of fiction. Join Bob Evenhouse as he unfolds the layers of worldbuilding and helps you construct a believable world your audience will never want to leave.

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