10 Reasons to Attend The Next Jot

jot_logoJot is a week and a half away! I hope you have signed up HERE to claim your seat.

As we’ve moved locations, I’d like to offer you 10 reason to make the trip a hour and fifteen minutes south.Jot will be small and intimate this year.

  1. Jot will be small and intimate this year. If you wanted to connect with other writers, this would provide an excellent opportunity.
  2. A change of pace can shake us out of our comfort zones. This provides a new venue and a tremendous atmosphere.
  3. You’ll get home late, probably around midnight. This might seem like a reason not to come. I get it. But if you refer to number two, this makes sense. A drive at midnight when the moon is high and the air is crisp. Sounds inspiring doesn’t it?
  4. You get to explore one of the best use book collections in the region. Endless books in an old store font in a quaint downtown.
  5. Three Rivers has several parks. If you come early you can head out the back of the bookstore, cut across a parking lot, and cross a bridge to an Island. Across the street is another and in between a coffee shop.
  6. If you like to hunt for antiques or shop fair trade. There are several stores downtown that will satisfy this itch.
  7. It can be a getaway. You could head down for an early breakfast, peruse the shops, grab lunch, check out the free bind at Lowry’s or buy a book, get coffee, sit under a tree near the river to read, take a nap, eat dinner, and then enjoy a writers conference. What more could you ask for in a relaxing day?
  8. You’ll hear great content capped by an interview from the editor of a literary magazine.
  9. You get to hear great content for free. Enough said.
  10. You’ll meet other aspiring writers. Collaboration is the key to survival in the writing life. Jot would not be possible without it. Be bold and say hello. You might find a writer friend that will last years.

Grab Your Seat At The Jot Conference Today!

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Jot is less than one month away! We cannot believe it. I hope you are as excited as we are.

Because of the location change we need you to do us a favor and go and sign up individually.

You can do that HERE.

Again, it’s free per usual! It is on Saturday, September 12th from 6-10pm

Click here for information about the bookstore.

Click here on why we moved for this Jot. 

Click here for the Jot presentation schedule

What can you learn from this years’ Jot? Glad you asked.

You’ll learn how to write like a viking, blog with passion and persistence, edit out those horrible lines that keep breaking your readers’ focus, and about poetry from a poetry editor of Structo Magazine.

Most of all you’ll have a chance to meet with other writers and gain some excitement and momentum to do your own work.

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Excuses – And Why They’re Your Fault

I can think of a billion reasons why I have not sold a novel or taken over the literary world. Is it because I am bad? Lazy? I don’t think so. It’s because I constantly throw stupid hurdles in my path just like you.

They’re called excuses.

  • boredI’m too tired.
  • The yard needs raking.
  • I don’t have a good idea yet.
  • I’m waiting for inspiration to strike!
  • I have to do laundry.
  • I can never been like xyz writer. So why bother?
  • I’m bad at grammar.
  • I’m not smart enough.
  • My novel is terrible.
  • I just don’t have enough/adequate time
  • I’m waiting for that amazing idea.

I believe, if we are honest, we are the ones permitting ourselves to stop pursing our dreams. Whether you want to be a novelist or news anchor, it’s so much easier making excuses or finding other things to do.

But if it is the thing we love, the thing we long for and maybe even hold deep inside because we are too worried about what people will think or say if we uttered it aloud, we must stop this excuse business. Stop it now.

It’s up to you my friend. Are you going to keep making excuses or go and get the life you want?

Me? I’m going to publish books.

An Editors’ POV – Acquisitions Editor Andrew Rogers Shares From Behind His Desk

Andrew Rogers is an acquisitions editor at Discovery House Publishers and also a founding member of Jot and the Weaklings. He’s here to tell us a little bit about himself before he takes the stage at Jot IV, this Friday September 12th. If you are coming to Jot, please bring some questions for him during the Q&A time following his presentation.

What Authors have influenced you the most?

Ray Bradbury and C.S. Lewis. Bradbury in his use of imagery, his courage, and his style. Lewis in his ability to communicate thoughts on God in fresh language, and in how he teaches through similes and metaphors (see “Mere Christianity,” especially). Bradbury also helped me fall in love with the short story form.

What are your current projects?

Lately, I’ve written a short story that needs polished, and then needs a home. I’ve also been writing about writing and publishing for a few conference presentations this fall. 

Why do you write what you write?

I either write for fun (stories), I write for work (the conference presentations), or I write to make sense of what’s happening around me (my journal). If I had to pick just one reason to write, it would be the last one listed here. Writing helps me organize my thoughts and understand my emotions. The act of writing things down helps me process events and move on with life more confidently. It sounds selfish to say that, but if I’m honest with myself, that’s what it comes down to. 

What are you speaking on?

My talk is called “Myths and Lessons from a Year of Acquisitions.” I’m going to share what I have learned during my first year as an acquisitions editor for a publishing house. I’d like to bust some of the myths about acquisitions editors (we’re really not that scary!) and pass on some practical advice for writers who are looking to get published. 

What advice do you have for people interested in writing?

Find a group of writers who share your interest and cultivate meaningful friendships with them. I would not have accomplished anything in writing had I not had the friendship and support of my writers group and of my spouse. 

Please connect with Andrew through subscribing to his blog tellbetterstories or following him on twitter @ALRstories

Thank you Andrew.

See you all at Jot!