How to Support Jot at No Cost to You

There is a reason Jot is free. Most writers aren’t rolling in piles of cash. We understand that. In fact, we represent that.

So here are a few ways that you can help us out for little or no cost:

  • Re-blog our posts. If you don’t have a blog of your own, start one and use it to re-blog our posts.
  • Tweet or Link to Jot on Facebook. Use this link, it’s short!
  • E-blast your contact list info about Jot. If they tell you that the email wound up in their spam folder, maybe you should just remove them from your contact list. Those aren’t the type of people for you.
  • Print out and hang a poster at your favorite library, coffee shop, or public writer hangout. (Click here for the jot_mini_poster)
  • Talk about it to your friends. If you don’t have friends, talk about it to strangers. Maybe you’ll end up making a friend!
  • Shave “Jot” into your head. When you are asked why you did it, tell people about the mini-conference.
  • Come to Jot. We’d love to see you here.

We’re looking forward to Jot and hope you are too!