The Jot Writers’ Conference is FREE event for writers held bi-annually in and around the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Our events are characterized by three verbs:
meet, learn, write.

Meet: At every Jot Writers’ Conference we try to facilitate a fun, non-threatening atmosphere where writers can easily meet other writers in their community. Writers need writers. We’re a strange breed and we need encouraging friends. The Jot Writers’ Conference is one such community.

Learn: Every Jot Writers’ Conference is comprised of three or four TED-style talks, ranging from 15-25 minutes each. We have hosted traditionally published non-fiction writers; published novelists; literary agents; essayists; magazine editors; book editors; short story writers; cartoonists; children’s book writers; poets; independent authors; journalists; and bloggers.

We’re open to just about every genre and every type of writer that appeals to the general market and is mostly family-friendly. (Another way of saying it: We don’t feature content that will be of much use to niche academic publishing, nor do we feature erotica or other similar material.)

Write: The Jot Writers’ Conference was born because our writers group wanted to create a space where we could get some writing done. Every writer has a busy life with work, family, friends, etc. etc. etc. It’s hard to carve out time to actually write. Our goal at every JOT event is to build in time for people to sneak away and write.

Most of our conferences are around four hours long. Only two of those hours include speaking. The other two hours are set aside for writers to sneak away into a cubbie hole somewhere and write! You can also mingle by the snack bar or attend one of the small group workshops.



For information about the date and location of the next Jot Writers’ Conference see the Event Schedule page.


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