Blog Not Growing? Maybe It’s Because Of This Reason

There are many helpful tips about how to grow a blog. Post at a predetermined time so your audience begins to count on you. Write about consistent topics. Make your blog look more professional, etc. But what if all of these reasons for getting more attention rested on one rule?

Magnifying Glass via Creative Commons

Magnifying Glass via Creative Commons

I followed a blog once that received enormous amounts of hits when the individual wrote about their love – science fiction and fantasy.

Then, as the blog started to mount to a beautiful crescendo and the audience was begging for more, a post would be flung out there about local political happenings.They were obviously inauthentic and a traffic grab.

I think this is true for any blog. If you write about something you are passionate about you’ll naturally dig deeper. You’ll share from a place that is your voice, the location that many professionals say to speak from.

So writer, lay down on paper the things that matter to you and stay in that place. This is the key to creating a foundation of a successful blog and you’ll find the people who care about the very same things.

Then add in the other stuff mentioned in the first paragraph.

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