5 Ways To Fuel Creativity

Fostering a creative mindset can be a difficult task in our busy lives. Often times we arrive to our desks and favorite writing spots brain-dead empty. We have nothing to give and we try to put something down but it’s terrible, and we know we will never be a writer.Jogging at sunset

Writing is like running in that you need proper fuel every time you do it. You cannot run several miles on candy and neither can you produce a novel without sleep and focus. You need proper artistic nutrition that produces energy and a creative mindset.

So here are a few practical ways to fill your creative well so when you are ready to take on an artistic pursuit you can have the focus and creative energy you need to go to produce.

1. Go on a walk. This can be during your lunch break, when your spouse gets home from work if you stay at home, any time. Even a walk on a dark, snowy Michigan winter night, can fill your creative well.

2. Time alone to think. This may seem odd but I’ve felt rich and full at 6 AM when all is dark and quiet and I have a cup of coffee in my hand just looking out over my backyard for ten minutes. We all need a moment to think and space for ideas to show up.

3. Organize an area of chaos in your home. This may seem counterproductive because it would steal time away from the creative pursuit, but it is all about momentum. The satisfaction of finishing a project will result in a clearer and more focused mind.

4. Go into the city or country. Here in Grand Rapids, 10 minutes will bring you to the downtown of a bustling city or 10 minutes will put you out into the country. I love the feel of a small, big city. If you live in the city, venture to a park. If you live in the country, head downtown. Pulling yourself out of your normal way of life will help open up your mind.

5. Share a meal with friends. I love sitting around a table and sharing a meal. There is something beautiful about community. No matter if it’s Mountain Dew and pizza or a gourmet meal, everyone enjoys some free food and conversation with those they love.

So take time and invest in you, creative. Find a small sliver of peace and drink deeply. Then, use that peace to produce something.

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