Cut Out The Clutter And Grab More Time

Annie sang that the sun will come out tomorrow. While that is a cute notion, you may die in your sleep. The writer must do what they can to grab the time that is in front of them. Tomorrow is never the best opportunity to write. The time to write is now.

Surprisingly enough, we all have the same amount of hours as did Steve Jobs, Ernest Hemingway, or Michelangelo. But the fact remains that we don’t finish the projects we intend to and for that we get upset at not having enough time. We long for a cabin in the woods, a remote place where we can gather out thoughts and create our books and stories.

CalendarUnfortunately, you and I can both agree that time cannot be simply conjured up like Hermione did in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. What we need to do is make it.

This means less or no TV. This means staying in when you’d like to go out or staying up late or getting up early. Devotion to anything requires sacrifice in other places. If this is truly your dream it will require a lot of perseverance, encouragement, discipline, but most of all, sacrifice.

Today, look ahead to next week and create “office hours” for your projects, just like a college professor.  Prepare for in advance with note cards and outlines, and then go to a quiet place and work (without the internet!).

I challenge you to do this. I bet you’ll find that after you’ve cut out TV time, a bit of sleep, and sprinkle in a few lunch hours, you’ll have the lost time back.

Now, it’s up to you to not waste it.

Write author, write!

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