Visualizing Your Plot – Jeff Chapman on the Backbone of Fiction

There are many reasons to be excited about Jot IV: Better seating, a great lineup, and the expansion of our workshop classes.

Not only do we have poetry editor Matthew Landrum of Structo Magazine leading his poetry workshop once again (bring your poems!), but also one on blogging conducted by Josh Mosey – he’s been blogging six days a week for years and one conducted by local indie author Jeff Chapman. Jeff is going to help us go deeper in our novels and strengthen our plots.

The title for Jeff’s workshop pretty much sums it up – Visualizing Your Plot


We will discuss a method for graphing your plot to find low points in the story and work through some examples.

Why are plots so important? Because without plots our books would be beautiful staircases to nowhere.

A little bit about Jeff –

Jeff Chapman writes software by day and speculative fiction when he should be sleeping. His tales range from fantasy to horror and they don’t all end badly. His latest release is Last Request: A Victorian Gothic, available from Amazon at You can find him musing about words and fiction at

Please bring your computer or notepad and lets build some novels!

See you all tomorrow!

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