Poetry Workshop Information – Bring your work with you!

Moleskine diaryPoets and wannabe-poets have something to look forward to at the next Jot conference. After the presentations Matthew Landrum will be hosting a free poetry workshop. I asked him to describe it for me and here’s what he said:

Love and Cliches — Writing Originally About Life’s Most Important Subjects

In this workshop we’ll discuss the work of fellow Jot attendees and ponder a problem that perpetually plagues poets (and prose writers too) — that the most important subjects in life (love, death, religion, etc) have been written about so thoroughly (and at times so poorly) that they’re hard to write about without sounding trite or unoriginal. Poets and non-poets alike are welcome. Those who wish to bring work to workshop should bring 15 copies of a poem. 

If you decide to attend, please bring your writing. You’ll have time in this workshop to read your poetry (if you wish) and/or edit your work while the discussion is going. We’re hopeful that the Jot Conference is not just a place where you learn new things about the craft of writing, but that it is also an event at which you’ll actually get some writing done.

Bring your Moleskines and your favorite pen. It’s time to write.


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