5 Reasons To Use Google Docs To Write Your Novel

In the last post we discussed the burden of finding time to write for the busy writer. If you are an aspiring novelist and own a smart phone, this post will show you how to get words down throughout your day, and how to always have your work with you.

When I go to work, or when I get in bed, I have my smart phone and blue tooth keyboard with me ($25 investment). I might not use them all of the time, but they’ve become my invaluable companions along with Google Drive. Here’s why.

  1. I can write anywhere. I can crank out two paragraphs at lunch, write three before bed, and have one page-ish done. Have a dentist or doctor’s appointment? Bam, another paragraph. Do this for a week and I have seven pages. Do this for a year, 365 pages. That’s one novel, my friend.
  1. You can access Google docs anywhere. A library, your phone, your laptop, your work computer (though not during work!), at your friends or parents house. Your novel is always with you, always accessible, even without your laptop or phone.
  1. You can leave notes/ get comments. If you have a friend who is an accomplished writer, you can share the document with them. They can add a comment (or hundred) and save it when they are done reviewing. You won’t misplace them either.
  1. You will never lose your work to a computer failure/hack or fire or water damage. Unless you forget your password…
  1. You can create all sorts of graphs and excel documents and keep them in one place and, yes again, they are accessible anywhere. Need to access your character spreadsheet? Oh, it’s there on your phone in your pocket. Where was your plot going? Two clicks, oh yeah here’s my plot document.

I hope you take this as a “this is what works for me” post. If you have suggestions on how to write a novel, or tools and tricks that have helped you persevere, please share below. We love hearing from you and hope to see you at JOT IV on September 12th!


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