Why You Should Attend Jot II

Jot II begins in a little over a week. Last year was a tremendous success. Not because the presenters spoke well or the conference achieved a certain level of attendance but because it created a community of writers. Attendees left humming with excitement about their projects, gained a newfound boldness to start writing again, or decided to put words on the page for the first time.

When I think about my ideal writing locale, I used to imagine a cabin in the woods with a cup of coffee on a wide mahogany desk and for some reason it’s snowing and there’s a crescent shaped moon outside my window. However, this old dream has faded.

Why you ask? Because when I surveyed the advances in my writing career, I realized I grew most when I was around other writers.

Most of the Weakling members meet about once a week. We update each other on our lives and then sit in silence and write. It might seem strange and yes we could do the very same thing in the comfort of our own homes and save a buck or two on coffee, but there is something intangible and beautiful about having a writing community. Communities lend support when we are down, give encouragement when need it, and direction when we are lost. Having people around you who are passionate about the things you are passionate about is worth more than a remote cabin and countless hours alone. Even if the cabin is on a lake and you have your very own Starbucks.

Now on to Jot. The reason you should attend is plain. It’s a place for writers. It’s a place to gain encouragement and excitement and even a few tips for free. Our hope is that it you will meet other authors, learn about the craft, and have time to get words on the page.

Hope to see you there!

– Bob

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