Presenter, Andrew Rogers, shares 6 things that we is looking forward to about Jot.

Tell Better Stories

The Weaklings, Josh Mosey, Bob Evenhouse, Matt LandrumIt’s hard to believe it, but Jot: The GR Writers Mini-Conference is tomorrow night! I and the other Weaklings members have been preparing for it for months. We’re excited and … a little nervous. We’re stepping out into the unknown – leading our own event for writers – and with that comes a healthy amount of butterflies in the stomach. I’ve been thinking today about all the reasons I’m looking forward to Jot. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. I want to see if we really can pull of a “mini writers conference.” – This is one of our big goals for Jot and it helped shape the whole event. Back when we first started dreaming about putting on an event for writers in the Grand Rapids area we immediately ruled out a writers conference. They’re large, require lots of planning, lots of other people, a healthy amount of…

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