What to Expect from Jot

Jot is a new type of writers conference. For one thing, it’s cheaper (free). For another, it’s shorter (one night, four hours). And last, you actually get time to write (yes, write).

When we started throwing around the idea of creating our own writers conference, we knew that in order to be successful, it would have to fill some unmet needs. West Michigan is already home to Breathe, Maranatha, and bi-annually, Calvin College’s Festival of Faith and Writing.

So what were the needs that we saw going unfilled? While the writers conferences mentioned above are all wonderful conferences in their own right, they all require significant investments in both time and finances. What if we made a conference for writers like us, strapped for cash and too busy to write when we want to?

Thus was Jot created. We’ve done five of them now. #6 will be held September 12, 2015 at Lowry’s Books and More in Three Rivers, Michigan. The world will never be the same.

So if you come, what can you expect?

  • Short presentations on the writing life, on the publishing process, and writing tips for flash fiction.
  • Enough time between presentations to actually write.
  • Access to the presenters to ask 1-on-1 questions.
  • No admission cost.
  • No running across campus to walk in five minutes late to a presentation that you really wanted to see because the previous presentation ran long.
  • A beautiful setting with a snacks and drinks available for purchase.

Are you looking forward to a west Michigan’s only free mini-conference as much as we are?

11 thoughts on “What to Expect from Jot

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  2. Who are the speakers for this event….the three guys listed under the “Weaklings” heading? Also, is it primarily geared toward writers of “flash fiction”, or will you have some counsel for non-fiction writers (like myself), too? Regardless, this sounds interesting – and it will surely be a blessing that you’re offering this event for free.

    If you happen to be seeking an additional speaker who shares an interest in the “flash fiction” style of writing, Ted Kluck (a friend of mine, who lives in East Lansing) might be a great one to partner with you. He’s written numerous books in both the Christian and sports markets (at least one of which has won an award), but he and another writer friend have also started their own series of parody books, which are both thought-provoking and humorous. Their label is called “Gut Check Press” (http://www.gutcheckpress.com/xmas2012.html), and their titles include “Kinda Christianity” (a humorous critique of Brian McLaren’s writing) and “Younger, Restlesser, and Reformeder” (a humorous parody of their own faith tradition – Reformed).

    I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make this or not (I’m going to try.), but I hope that you’ll have a great turnout for this, and that you and the other writers who attend will offer lots of good encouragement and practical, book-related wisdom to one another!

    • We’re hoping that people will use the RSVP page on the Jot site (https://jotwritersconference.wordpress.com/rsvp/), but there is no official pre-registration. We’ll be checking people in at the door on the night of the event and handing out name tags. Since this is the first year, we have no idea what to expect for numbers compared to past events. So in answer to your first question, yeah, just show up. Hope to see you there!

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