Book Proposal Workshop with Andy Rogers

Every book begins the publishing process as a book proposal. It’s a document that is often reviewed by editors, agents, marketers, sales representatives, and publishers. In this workshop we’ll discuss the key information you need to know about creating a fiction or non-fiction book proposal. We’ll answer questions like: What information should be included? How should it be formatted? How detailed does it need to be? How much of the book should be written already? and many others. Writers are encouraged to bring something to record notes, and their working book proposal document if they have one. This workshop is for new or experienced writers. It will be led by Andy Rogers from Discovery House.



Poetry Workshop with Matthew Landrum

Whether you’re an established or beginning writer, this workshop is a chance to engage in critical discussion of individual pieces and larger issues of poetry. Participants will be asked to share a poem or two and will receive a deep reading and constructive advise on how to take the piece to the next level. Space in this workshop will be limited to eight people in order to assure that everyone gets adequate time. Sign up by filling out this Google form. The workshop is free, and it will be led by the poetry editor for Structo Magazine, Matthew Landrum. Sign up today as space is limited.

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Thriving in the Blogosphere: a workshop for bloggers with Susie Finkbeiner

Do you want to start a blog, but don’t know where to start? Or do you have a blog, but feel stuck, unable to think of fresh content? Want to build an audience and engage community? This workshop will answer these questions and any others you might have about the blogging life. Make sure to bring a pen and paper for scribbling ideas. This workshop is FREE and will be led by novelist and prolific blogger, Susie Finkbeiner.

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Worldbuilding: A Workshop for Fiction Writers with Bob Evenhouse

Creating a believable world, or “dream,” as the late novelist and professor John Gardner put it, is the complex task of the fiction novelist. If the reader questions the authenticity of a story, they may remember they are reading a book and step out of the dream. This is the job of the fiction novelist: to be an effective worldbuilder. Not only is this true for fantasy literature with its rich worlds, diverse cultures, and intricate maps, but for all forms of fiction. Join Bob Evenhouse as he unfolds the layers of worldbuilding and helps you construct a believable world your audience will never want to leave.

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Worldbuilding – Let’s Build a World Together

Bob Evenhouse:

I’ll be doing a Workshop on Worldbuilding at Jot. Hope to see you there!

Originally posted on Part-Time Novel:

One of the best parts about living in a city with several bookstores and publishers is that there are a lot of readers and writers. I was connected with a group that loved to write and from our writers group the Wealkings Jot – the free one night writer’s conference, complete with presenters and workshops – was born.

Jot 5 is Friday, March 13th from 7-11pm follow this link for details.

Every time this event comes around I am equally thankful and thrilled that we have such a vibrant community of writers in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I get incredibly charged up (nearly bursting with energy, literally) and my well of creativity is filled to the brim and over.

This Jot I will be leading a workshop on Worldbuilding.World Building

For those of you unfamiliar with the term worldbuilding, it’s exactly like it sounds – laying a foundation for a…

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Jot 5 | Save the Date


Get out your calendars or smartphones or chisels and stone. You’ll want to mark this down.

Originally posted on Josh Mosey | Writer:

jot_logoThe Jot Writers’ Conference always seems to sneak up on me. And that wouldn’t be so much of a problem if I wasn’t one of the main organizers of the event. But thanks to my skills in last-minute, procrastination-honed organization, I have exciting news.

Jot 5 is Friday, March 13th from 7-11pm at Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, MI.

We even have speakers lined up. Good ones, too. I’ll be posting their topics soon on the main Jot website, but for now here’s the list:

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Reflections on the fourth Jot Conference

Andrew Rogers:

Thanks to everyone who came to JOT 4! I’ve written some thoughts about the evening on my blog. It was another fantastic night! – Andy

Originally posted on Tell Better Stories:

The flow of events

Last night The Weaklings put on the fourth Jot Conference. We had 82 people show up, and judging by an unofficial “raise your hand if this is your first time at Jot” poll from the stage, it looked like about one third of the audience were new people.


Our friend, Alison Hodgson, spoke first and provided three practical tips for writers: (1) Start writing; (2) Don’t stop; (3) Create your own “You’ll rue the day!” list, which is something of a black list you keep for recording the names of people who discourage you in your writing. Alison is a humorist, so I think this last tip is a joke. :-)

I spoke next and talked about lessons I’ve learned from my first year as an acquisitions editor. The talk seemed to be received well. My year as an acquisitions editor has been one of the…

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